Say hello to the new editor

It’s a whole new way to use WordPress. We call it Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is the new editor for WordPress. It’s been completely rethought and rebuilt to make it easier for you to easily create rich, beautiful posts and pages — whether you write code for a living, or you’re building a website for the first time.

Gutenberg is available as a plugin today, and will be included in version 5.0 of WordPress. The classic editor will be available as a plugin if needed.

Meet your new best friend, Blocks

Blocks allow you to insert, rearrange, and style rich content natively, instead of relying on a daunting list of separate features: shortcodes, embeds, widgets, post formats, custom post types, theme options, meta-boxes, and other formatting elements.

Blocks allow for rich customization without deep knowledge of code, and make good on the promise of WordPress: broad functionality with a clear, consistent user experience. Here’s just a selection of the default blocks included with Gutenberg: 

Be your own builder

A single block is nice — solid, clear, discrete. But when you start building with blocks? That’s when the real excitement starts: endless combinations, endless layouts, endless possibility, all driven by your vision.

Gutenberg ❤️ Developers

Built with modern technology.

Gutenberg was developed on GitHub and uses the WordPress REST API, Javascript, and React.

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Designed for compatibility.

We recommend migrating features to blocks when possible, but support for existing WordPress functionality will remain, and there will be transition paths for shortcodes, meta-boxes, and Custom Post Types.

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The editor is just the beginning

Gutenberg is more than an editor. It’s also the foundation that’ll revolutionize customization and site building in WordPress.

“Once Gutenberg is capable of handling all the pieces that visually compose a site — with themes providing styles for all the blocks — we end up with an editor that looks exactly like the front-end.”

Matias Ventura

“Suddenly, the chore of setting up a new website becomes effortless.”

Mel Choyce

“The web up until this point has been confined to some sort of rectangular screen. But that is not how it’s going to be. Gutenberg has the potential of moving us into the next time.”

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Gutenberg is available as a plugin today, and will be included in version 5.0 of WordPress. The classic editor will be available as a plugin if needed. 

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